Our Promise

We know your kids are your most precious darlings. Being a mom myself, I am always looking to work with only the best, to ensure the highest and purest quality possible.

Our affiliated manufacturer knits, weaves, prints (both hand screen and digital), dyes, tailors and hosiers to the highest standards in the cashmere Industry. All of MINIMAINS products are handmade by professionals who are experienced in the artistry of cashmere weaving. Every single item is unique and we don't strive to offer uniform collections. 

Only highest quality 100% cashmere is used for all our cashmere products. Only eco-friendly dyes that comply with high German standards (german standards and federal regulations are much stricter than US regulations regarding ingredients that are allowed to be used in dyes) are used. We never use silicones or extra softeners on our products. Our products are non-itchy and sensitive-skin friendly. 

All Codes of Ethical Production are observed and a perspective of People Betterment is enshrined. As luxury knitters and weavers the ethos of “Employees First” – is a winner. The employees make the customers happy. We simply make sure that the employees are happy first. Our affiliated manufactory in Nepal works with the highest ethically standards and guidelines and gives local women the chance to get back into the workforce and support their families by following all rules for environmentally friendly manufacturing. All of MINIMAINS products are handmade with love.

Environmental friendliness is a key goal. Waste water management, solar energy, and bio-fuels are cost effective and efficient.  We take fresh, natural Himalayan water from our hills and we have an interest in protecting the hills and the foliage that provides it.

As we are working directly with our manufacturer with no third parties involved and no expensive retail "brick & mortar" costs, we are able to sell our highest quality products at the best possible prices and pass the savings on to you.