MiniMains launched in 2016 as a premium cashmere brand based in New York City using only the highest quality cashmere, eco-friendly dyes and no silicone or extra softeners.

They call it 'soft gold' because cashmere is eight times warmer than sheep’s wool and notably lighter. Pure cashmere fibers come from the soft underbelly of cashmere goats and trusted master artisans, with extensive years of experience, hand-craft this treasured material.

Spun from 100% cashmere, MINIMAINS cardigans, dresses, sweaters, hats, and scarves offer premium quality, luxurious color, and sophisticated style at an affordable price. The high quality of MINIMAINS' products requires less dye, minimizing the damage dye can cause to the softness of the delicate material.

Only eco-friendly dyes, labels and buttons are used to ensure the softest and most comfortable wearing sensation for our customers. No silicone or extra softeners ever.

Every piece is expertly handcrafted by cashmere specialists with extensive experience with this delicate fiber. Please note, small variations in color and texture are possible and due to the entirely handmade nature of our products.

With the right care your cashmere products will get even softer and better with time.