Adorable pure cashmere & cotton collection for babies. Choose from our incredibly soft layette and baby collection.

MINIMAINS 100% eco-friendly cashmere not only complies with U.S. federal regulations but with the much stricter german standards and federal regulations. Only eco-friendly dyes and no silicone and extra softeners is used on our cashmere products.

MINIMAINS cashmere is lightweight and breathable and helps your baby to regulate body temperature in a natural way. Most of our cashmere products are machine washable, please follow our cashmere guide for best results.

Your precious baby only deserves the best quality for a good start in life.

Compliment our signature cashmere with MINIMAINS beautiful cotton basics. Lovingly handcrafted 100% cotton, handmade in our Studio in NYC.  With an eye for only the highest quality cotton and the small details that make our collection so special.

The complete cotton collection is machine washable and very durable for active babies and toddlers.