Meet the founder & designer of MINIMAINS

MINIMAINS- 100% Eco-friendly * Designed in NYC

Meet the successful business woman, mom to adorable twins girls and the founder behind one of the newest 100% eco-friendly baby and kids brands based out of NYC.

Founded in Summer 2016 by Nataly Rothschild the brand has far exceeded expectations by being featured numerous times in Vogue, Tatler and Glamour magazines.

MINIMAINS is a luxury cashmere brand that is tailored towards babies and toddlers. It's main goal is to provide an exceptionally high quality cashmere line that is ethically made and 100% Eco-friendly without silicone and extra softeners.

Nataly has always loved cashmere for its soft luxurious feel and it's well known ability to add extra warmth on the coldest of days by maintaining healthy body temperature. Plus she knew that a touch of soft luxurious cashmere added to any outfit gave it a little something special.

After having her twins; Nataly set forth to pursue a new goal in her already busy life. She wanted to combine her strong business and leadership background, her natural gift of creativity and her self driven drive of entrepreneurship to create a collection of 100% Eco-friendly cashmere goods of the highest quality tailored towards babies and children.

MINIMAINS is now leading the way in the much loved cashmere market. Nataly has found a way to offer affordable cashmere goods that are handmade of only the finest quality cashmere and that are strictly in line with the Eco-friendly regulations of the U.S and with the the even stricter guidelines set forth by Germany.

Nataly took a year to educate herself on the ins and outs of the cashmere market; she learned everything she could about cashmere, the production processes for cashmere items and assessed the broad range of the different qualities of cashmere fibers that were available and their costs.

Her next goal was to find a manufactory that was socially ethically and centered around helping the economy flourish to stay in line with her vision. She did not want to follow suit with her future competitors and have her Cashmere goods mass produced by machinery in China. She believed that by having a manufactory close to the source of this beautiful fabric and in a location that is centered around respecting the environment, ethical production practices, and sustainability she could come closer to maintaining her vision for MINIMAINS.

After many months, Nataly chose a small manufactory in Nepal. This was a time consuming but crucial decision for her. It was one of her top priorities to get this decision correct in order to move forward with her concept. She felt that only by finding the right fit she could stay on track with the socially-conscious concept that shaped the blueprint she envisioned for the development of MINIMAINS.

Transparency in every aspect of her company would give her the confidence to know that she was maintaining the strong ethical framework she strongly desired to build around her company. The right manufactory would be the important platform she needed to move forward.

By choosing this particular manufactory she was able to cut out many of the costs associated with middlemen. She is able to use the highest cashmere fibers available and have each item handmade by the best cashmere artisans. 

Nepal is known for its environmentally friendly and peaceful culture and also is in dire need for more opportunities for women in the workforce. MINIMAINS shows its truly beautiful concept of providing sustainable goods by not sacrificing any aspect of this vision to cut costs. Each peace is loving handmade by women that are happy to have an opportunity to be a part of the work force and provide for their families.

A strong and close relationship with the manufactory is key. Nataly personally continues to make sure each and everyone one of her high standards continues to be upheld by checking in everyday. 

As MINIMAINS grows, it's collection of quality items continues to expand. Her beautiful cashmere line of hats, gloves and cardigans are available for purchase online at Same day delivery is offered in New York City and MINIMAINS ships worldwide. Also offered are matching hats and scarfs for adults so they can be just as warm and cozy as their little ones.

The next phase of MINIMAINS is in its final stages. A collection of French inspired pieces to compliment her cashmere will be available later this month. It will offer expertly designed onesies, pants, dresses, shirts and bloomers that will compliment her cashmere pieces. All handmade in NYC.

Nataly is also happy and excited to announce that MINIMAINS will be once again acknowledged by Vogue this month as well.

You can read more about MINIMAINS and view and shop her current cashmere collection at

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Text by Sue Eagel

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