MINIMAINS Magic Gloves Coming Soon!

Becoming a mom to adorable twin girls changed my life profoundly. I was thankful for all the little things that made our daily routine easier. When I couldn't find gloves that would both slip easy onto our kids' wriggly fingers, yet stay on their hands when they were conquering the playground, I decided to invent a new patent for an easy slip-on, stay-on glove.

We are currently on the third prototype and hope to present the highly anticipated product very soon! 

It's very exciting to be part of the design and development team and to see a completely new product evolve from my first sketches a year ago.

MINIMAINS will keep you posted. Until then we hope you will enjoy our super soft cashmere hats, scarves and cardigans.

Every piece is handmade with love and attention to detail. 

We at MINIMAINS think your little ones only deserve the very best!

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