Easy Nursery Design's that won't break the bank

We all love looking at those beautiful Pinterest and Instagram pictures of perfectly designed nurseries and kid's rooms. (Find some of our favorites throughout this blog post)

Of course it's lovely to have the means to employ an interior designer to put together a magazine worthy room for our offspring. But the truth of the matter is most people don't and that's were MINIMAINS easy hacks for a lovely, beautiful room come in.

fashionablehost, nursery, kids room, kids bed, RH kids Inspiration by @fashionablehostess!

All you really need is a floor plan of the baby or kids room! (If you don't have an official one from your landlord or architect, just draw the room yourself, doesn't need to be perfect, take a measurement tape and measure the walls and put the numbers on your sketch)

Now take inspiration from all those gorgeous Pinterest Boards and determine what color/colors you can imagine for your little one.

Project nursery has all the nursery decoration trends 2017 for you. But still, go with your gut, surfe the Pinterest boards and Instagram pages and find the color scheme that speaks to you.

Sharon Michaud, Nursery, lilac, purple, nursery trends 2017 @Sharon Michaud

White walls are always great but if you prefer just take the picture off a color you like to your next Home depot and let them give you enough to paint a wall or two. Not necessary to paint all walls, nooks and corners. Cashmere grey, lilac, soft rose and blue are all classics that are timeless.

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Who would have known but stores like Walmart, Target, and more have great, affordable cribs, changing tables and everything else needed to create a peaceful and beautiful atmosphere for your baby and yourself. Make sure you choose one with non-toxic wood and finishings. (you can email or call customerservice if it doesn't say in the description) Theres a lot of options below $200.

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We do love white, but there are some dark brown and colorful options as well. Once you decided on the pieces you like, draw them into your floor plan. (Have 5 copies of the floor plan for variations) Less is more. A crib with a good organic matraze, a small changing table with storage beneath or a dresser that doubles as changing table and depending on size of the room maybe rocking chair. Get a small table lamp from Ikea and see some design ideas here (link xxx) to make it yours.

IKEA has great dressers in all sizes that double as a changing table, just change the drawer knobs and be surprised by the huge different it makes! (Don't forget to secure the changing topper securely to the dresser and never leave the baby unattended)

ikea, dresser, changing table, baby, nursery         Pottery & Barn, Nursery, knobs, design, butterflies   

Now let's do the fun part. MINIMAINS is obsessed with re-usable wall stickers. They exist for any theme, any color and any design. They are super affordable, ship quickly and are easy to apply! And easy to take off once it's time for something else. Adorable butterflies, flowers, trees, animals of all kinds or a lovely saying above the crib instantly gives the room the feeling of well put together. White wall and those and it looks like professionally designed! There are a ton of suppliers online and so many options to choose from.


What to do with all the creams, baby brush and other daily items? Any old shoebox can be brought to life with some fabric or pretty ribbons glued on to hold all babies necessities. Take some pretty pink or blue gingham fabric and textile glue and the box will look like from an expensive shop. Tutorial will be posted soon.


A pretty pillow (H&M has great home accessories), blanket and a pretty lamp are mostly enough decoration beside the wall decoration.

H&M home, pillow, nursery decoration      RH Baby & Kids, Nursery decoration

Your mind is a blank canvas and you need some help to get started? Email MINIMAINS your floor plan and we will send you back some simple ideas and suggestions for any budget.

Please note. We are not interior designers but creative moms sharing our experiences. We are not affiliated with any of the above suggested vendors and are only expressing our own taste and products we like.


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